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Rob Wright


I’m a retired forester and have lived in Savannah at the Landings since 1990.  I began making knives in the mid 1980’s.  Hunters would bring me deer antlers and have me make them knives using the antlers for the handles.  Over the years, I spent time with other knife makers and learned a lot from them and from reading books and magazines about knife making.  All of the knives I make are completely by hand, using only the best quality materials purchased from reputable suppliers.  Heat treating of blades is performed by professional heat treating companies such as Peters Heat Treating Co. of Pa.  It takes from 20 to 40 hours for me to make a knife by hand.  I do not use any kits nor do I take any short cuts.  Steel types used are high quality CPMS30V, 440C stainless, D-2 tool and Damascus.  Handle materials consist of deer antler, exotic and North American hardwoods, Micarta, sheep horn, buffalo horn and gem materials.  I make fixed blade and folding knives including hunting, skinning, fighting, oyster and chef knives.  I enjoy making unique custom knives designed by or with the input of the customer.  Many people do not understand that knife making is as much an art as it is a craft.  Many manufactured knives are mass produced using poor quality steel and materials.  Many manufactured knives are not even heat treated to hold a good cutting edge.  Good knifes, like good art, require care and maintenance.


Knives by Rob Wright

21 Wiley Bottom Rd.

Savannah, Ga. 31411

(912) 656-9085

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